Business VoIP

VoIP for business use

We deliverer VoIP solutions for the business market. With business VoIP you’re more flexible then you’ve ever been. You can save on your local calls, international calls en somethimes you can even call for free.

Also suitable for your business

  • You can keep your existing phone and fax numbers.
  • No need to have an own phone system unless you want to do leased cost routing making use of all your recources.
  • Works in combination with your existing phone system en phones.
  • You can use all the standard function of the phone system of the VoIP provider.

Fixed aldow mobile

  • VoIP works place and location independent. Phones and numbers can easily be swifted to other (temporary) locations.

Dedicated VoIP Line

Depending on the country we can deliver Dedicated VoIP Lines. What is a dedicated VoIP Line? It’s an SDSL leased line , only used for VoIP, which provide a stable connection which. It’s as stable as ISDN lines with more flexibility. [button animation=”” icon=”” background=”” color=”” size=”small” target=”_self” url=””]3CX Phone System[/button]