Business Concepts has the experience to Design, Setup & Maintain the core ICT infrastructure for an Industrial Environment.

We Manage and follow up the project together with the Suppliers and Industrial Automation Teams.

Internet of Things (IoT)

All businesses can benefit from the Internet of Things. Whether to optimize existing processes, develop new services or new business models …

Business Concepts develops specific IoT offers for the following professions:


The construction sector (construction) deploys and uses a lot of equipment and personnel on site. Applied to construction sites, the Internet of Things offers innovative and affordable solutions for the monitoring and management of small equipment, monitoring oil tanks on site, monitoring water consumption, securing facilities (presence detection or intrusion, attempted theft), geolocation (indoor and outdoor) of equipment and personnel.


The industrial sector is by definition perfectly adapted to the Internet of Things. Monitoring of machine operation, hours of operation, fault identification, internal or external operating parameters. Remote facility management can be used to develop a preventive and predictive maintenance strategy, but also more simply to manage complex equipment remotely.


Whether to automate the remote reading of consumptions (water, gas, electricity, heat, cold), to secure premises or buildings (intrusion, smoke, fire, water damage), to improve the conditions of use of local (temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, brightness), or to automate the functional management of the premises (presence at an office or occupation of a meeting room), the future of home automation goes through the Internet of Things.