If you want to connect 2 or more sites together and you have free line of site then a Point to Point link is the way to go.

As an example: 2 sites can be 2 offices, or an office with a warehouse, …

Requirements for a good Point-2-Point Link:

  • Free Line of Site
  • The Access Points have to be mounted free with no obstacles in the way or neigbourhood.

We deliver material for 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz & 60Ghz links.

Set Pair of 60Ghz Devices for High Speed Point to Point links:

Whiacs Wireless Wire nRay

Our Wireless Wire nRAY, it is a kit of two pre-paired devices that make a secure AES encrypted wireless connection.

It can easily cover a distance of 1500 meters and reach fiber-like speed, and we have made some serious structural improvements. With the latest antenna technologies, this device is very compact, but even more durable than its predecessors.

The new form-factor has been designed with snowy areas in mind – you won’t have to worry about huge chunks of snow getting stuck and messing with the signal. Due to its size and shape, the nRAY also attracts less unwanted attention. Using the special fine-tune adjustment screws, a perfect alignment can be achieved.

Whiacs Wireles Wire Cube

The 60 GHz frequency is unaffected by the crowded wireless spectrum, it offers high speed and capacity. Traditional 60 GHz devices, however, can have limited connectivity during bad weather. But not the Wireless Wire Cube! It features an automatic 5 GHz backup connection, so you don’t have to worry about any downtime. No need for additional configuration – the 5 GHz backup connection works out-of-the-box! The Cube will take care of your connection
at all times.

It can easily cover a distance of 800 meters and reach fiber-like speed. The Сube formfactor has been designed with function and durability in mind. And it attracts less unwanted
attention due to its size and shape. The box includes two Cube 60G ac devices that are already paired together, power supplies, PoE injectors and mounting kits for both devices.