The top 10 advantages of a Windows based PBX

Why your next Phone System should be software based

This white paper outlines the top 10 advantages of choosing a Windows
based PBX as your next phone system. Why it makes sense to move away
from proprietary solutions such as Nortel, Mitel, Avaya, Alcatel and
Siemens, and go straight to a REAL software based solution. And why it
should be running on Microsoft Windows!


The PBX business is clearly fast asleep…

The 3CX VoIP phone is a small Windows application that allows you to make and receive
calls via using a head set or via the microphone and speakers of your computer.

You don’t need a time machine in the traditional PBX vendor world. The phone system of
1970 is the phone system of today. They look and do almost the same! This is very different
from what has been happening in the IT business over the last 40 years, where we have
seen lots of progress and a REDUCTION in cost!

Clearly the PBX business has a lot to catch up on. We need to see more innovation, and it is
software that can make that happen.

Pure software based PBX – not an appliance!

A key point is that a software PBX is PBX software running on a mainstream operating
system that can easily be managed by the average administrator. So NOT yet another
appliance running some custom, self made version of Linux! Administrators want to get
away from black boxes, move it on to Windows, and take CONTROL!

The Top 10 Advantages

  • Easily Manage extensions & phone lines yourself!
  • Software based cost less to buy and expand!
  • Easier to administer and control
  • Use existing hardware and save!
  • More features by leveraging Windows technologies
  • Hardware & Vendor independent – no vendor lock in!
  • Better fault tolerance through easy backup of your PBX
  • A Windows based PBX is more scalable
  • Better Integration with other business applications
  • Easily build voice applications that increase productivity