Industrial Grade Routers – VPN Routers/Firewalls

A core router is a designed to operate in the Internet backbone, or core. To fulfil this role, a router must be able to support multiple telecommunications interfaces of the highest speed in use in the core Internet and must be able to forward IP packets at full speed on all of them. It also support the routing protocols being used in the core.

Our BC Routers are powered by our WhiacsOS.

Our BC Core routers have an integrated virtual private network server, and offer advanced features such as VLAN support and multiple SSIDs (if wireless).

BC products are first of all dedicated routers. The Routing options of a BC Router are what you may expect from a high-class router and more. The configuration environment of the BC Router is graphical, straight forward, OSI oriented and to the point. Any network engineer will easily find his way through the configuration. Routing can be done on many levels: on interface, Ethernet, or IP, with static routes, source or destination NAT and in many combinations. Most options are also available for bridging.

BC routers will give you the freedom to design your network the way you always wanted to! To select your router please Fill in this form. For more complete specifications and options, please give us a call.

QoS devices

With the bandwidth management module, the way of managing traffic is excellent. Not only bandwidth can be managed per subscriber, but also per protocol or service on the internet. For example subscriber misuse via torrent-sites can be put to a minimum. On the other hand services like Voice or Video over IP (VOIP) can be given a fixed bandwidth and a higher priority. This guarantees real Quality of Service to (paying) subscribers on important services in the network, while not denying less important services (like the mentioned P2P activities) for other users.

Key features of Quality of Service are: Data bandwidth mangement (classful queueing) per IP / protocol / subnet / port / firewall mark; HTB, PCQ, RED, SFQ, byte limited queue, packet limited queue; hierarchical limitation, CIR, MIR, contention ratios, dynamic client rate equalizing (PCQ).

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High demand Switches and SMB Switches (Non-PoE and PoE)

If you’re working with substantial amount of data – like providing Internet access or Maintaining a huge Office Data Center or just need a Fast office switch we have the perfect switches for you.

Our devices are great for new or existing networks, We deliver switches with the following type of Ports 1Gbps Ethernet, 10Gbps Ethernet, 1 Gbps Fiber, 10Gbps Fiber, 40Gbps Fiber.

Our PoE switches can be used to deliver Power to Access Points, VoIP Phones and Door systems, Cameras, etc…  (802.3af/at).

Monitoring Systems

Our Network monitor is an application which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment. It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.


Some of its features

  • Auto network discovery and layout
  • Discovers any type or brand of device
  • Device, Link monitoring, and notifications
  • Includes SVG icons for devices, and supports custom icons and backgrounds
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Allows you to draw your own maps and add custom devices
  • Supports SNMP, ICMP, DNS and TCP monitoring for devices that support it
  • Individual Link usage monitoring and graphs
  • Direct access to remote control tools for device management
  • Supports remote Monitoring server and local client
Network & Radio Design
Network & Radio Design