Wireless Solutions for Businesses or Wireless ISP in a Box

We offer a complete range of  Wireless Solutions.  We use the best radio’s and networking solutions.

Businesses rely heavily on a fast, secure and reliable WiFi network. Your staff need the ability to access their local local network with high speed and to have Internet access without your business’s confidential information being compromised. Clients and visitors need access to a high-speed guest network. We offer complete WiFi installations for business. We perform a site survey and then design and install your WiFi Network to ensure fast and complete WiFi coverage. We provide complete or partial solutions for businesses.

We deliver solutions for a work wide range of sectors, including warehousing, logististics, retail, offices, Holiday resorts, education and more. We can handle every detail of your WiFi installation from beginning to end, taking the hassle out of the process for you. We gained a lot of experience in performing WiFi installations. Our engineers will conduct a complete site survey to determine the installation equipment needed and its location. Our team will then undertake the installation with minimal hassle and disruption. Following the installation, we perform thorough testing and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure you have powerful and optimized WiFi network.

Wireless ISP in a Box

We offert you the best solution if you want:

  • To become your clients ONE STOP SOLUTIONS PROVIDER.
  • To create passive income.

No need to spending huge amounts of capital on infrastructure, staff, monitoring or any power and data centre maintenance contracts, fire walls and hardware.

We offer you simple and affordable solutions.

We offer Tailored Solutions for Businesses.

We design for you your complete Wireless Network and we give you the right offer and solution for your Business.

Next to that we offer a complete Managed WiFi Solution for Business, we name this service WHIACS.