Every site presents unique challenges to a WiFi network. It requires custom network design by professionals. We undertake a complete design of your network to determine the quantity, location and type of our BC WiFi hardware. Once the design is finished, our engineers install the WiFi network to match predetermined signal levels. You can’t afford to miss this important step in setting up your network.

We deliver solutions for a wide range of sectors, including warehousing, logistics, retail, offices, Holiday resorts, education and more. We will handle every detail of your WiFi installation from beginning to end, taking the hassle out of the process for you. We have gained years of experience in performing WiFi network design and installation. We will work together with your local ICT Team to be sure that our WiFi solution fits perfectly into your existing network . Following the installation, we perform thorough testing to ensure the optimized WiFi network will meet your expectations.

Our Industrial AP’s are excellent for providing stable WiFi for Handheld Scanners, Tablets, Robots, Sensors, ..

In reality, today’s industrial wireless solutions can transform your business. You can actually increase your network security and reduce downtime. 

You can integrate wireless and wired components to improve overall system management and efficiency. And you can future-proof your network to ensure that you’re ready for new opportunities.

Additionally we provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Industrial AP (5Ghz)